“When you make a good donkey, you throw the world at it.”
– Gavin Schmidt


Orlando firefighter Gavin Schmidt made out as the first winner in Netflix’s Nailed It! Holiday! special, Episode 1.

The first challenge was to recreate three characters that were featured in a complicated cake pop nativity scene, as you can see below. Schmidt, who chose last, ended up with the farm animals; a camel, sheep, and donkey, respectively.

Schmidt quickly won the judges over with his big fireman shoulders and super-slick dance moves (and us) but set himself apart by being cool under pressure; something he probably learned on the job.

Where his sculpting skills may have failed him, he did manage to make a tasty cake pop. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to help him win the first challenge.

The second challenge was to make a cake in the shape of Santa stuck in a chimney, complete with Christmas lights and a helper elf in distress.

His decision to take a shortcut and spraypaint the chimney base saved time but cost him some beauty points in the end. But his cake-making skills and his “Cat Goes Meow Meow Meow” cat song may have saved Christmas, if not his entire project.

Fortunately, his competitors totally did not nail it, and paved the way for his inevitable win!

Editor’s Note: Catch his adorable cat song below. We can’t promise you won’t become spontaneously pregnant.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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