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“I would like to know why this year Lake Eola has absolutely no Christmas lights except for the tree … Where are they this year?” – Chris Kowalski
Every year the City of Orlando has been decorating the Central Business District and Lake Eola with the same light installations but this year is a bit less bright Downtown, as Kowalski noted.
According to the City of Orlando’s new Public Information Officer, Karyn Barber, 2018 is a “transition year” for Lake Eola holiday decorations. The City is in the process of identifying a new “themed approach” to the decorations in the park for next year and as a result, did not purchase decorations for this year.

However, Barber made it clear that the Parks and Recreation Department is planning to install a few more lights and lawn decorations around the park this year, over the next two weeks leading up to Christmas.

Last year the CRA spent $197,858 to install 242 custom snowflake lights around Downtown. More on that HERE.


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  1. Sure…! No more CHRISTMAS lights. What a WIMP OF AN ANSWER because you couldn’t come right out and say that! MY sensitivity, beliefs, feelings, and humanity are INCENSED! DOWNTRODDEN! EXTRAORDINARILY DAMAGED! BLASTED INTO NOTHINGNESS! As are those of many, many others like me. But that doesn’t matter, does it?! I – and we – are “nothings” in comparison to the very minimal – but more obnoxious – minority.