Wall St Plaza got a new gateway sign for Christmas


The consummate Downtowners over at Wall St. Plaza were gifted a new gateway sign by the CRA/Downtown Development Board this week.

The CRA, operating according to the DTO Outlook guidelines, is meant to encourage neighborhood and district gateway features and signage that reflect “the unique identity of special downtown areas.” As such, they chose to update the current Wall Street signage.

The previous gateway was commissioned by the CRA and installed on December 21, 1999, and had faded to a dusty shade of its previous glory.

The new facade will include a clock inspired by the previous gateway installation and will also feature back-lit lettering and LED lighting.

The cost associated with the new signage is $175,000 and is coming from the Project DTO budget.

The old sign will be stored for the interim and will likely be donated to the Downtown Arts District to be re-purposed and put on display somewhere else in the Central Business District.

Editor’s Note: The Downtown Art District should definitely consider incorporating the old archway in their upcoming alleyway park project that’s in development by the new home of the CityArts Factory. 

Image of former archway via Google Street View

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