Bloomberg Philanthropy gives Orlando $2.5 million to fight climate change


The City of Orlando was selected as a winner of the American Cities Climate Challenge (Website) to create a cleaner, stronger, and more resilient city in the face of climate change.

Bloomberg Philanthropy is giving the City a $2.5 million grant to reduce carbon emissions that are associated with buildings, energy, and transportation through the following actions, by 2020:

  • Add 150 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the City.
  • Expand the community solar program and renewable energy projects.
  • Transition more of the City fleet to electric vehicles.
  • Upgrade the 10-acre fleet facility to have net-zero carbon emissions.
  • Pilot a new program to promote energy efficiency performance in new buildings and to encourage existing building decarbonization.

Orlando is one of 25 cities that were selected for the grant challenge, including Boston, Honolulu, Seattle, Charlotte, Los Angeles, and St. Petersburg.

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