Bill filed to define “Tiny Homes” in Florida law


A bill is being filed that seeks to increase affordable housing options and combat homelessness through the proliferation of tiny homes.

It’s estimated that over 3 million people experience homelessness in the United States each year and reports that the average Orlando renter is spending 31.5 percent of their income on rent. Coupled with a shortage in low-income housing, the average Orlandoan is hard-pressed to find affordable housing options in The City Beautiful.

Tiny homes are generally anywhere between 100-400 SF in size and can be rented or owned. In comparison, the average American home measures in at roughly 2,600 SF.

Representative Anna Eskamani recently sponsored legislation to define tiny homes in Florida Law as a starting point to implement creative solutions for the current affordable housing shortage.

The state currently has no definition for tiny homes and they are relegated to RV and mobile home parks, as they are seen as temporary structures; they’re on wheels.

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