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“whatcha know, Bungalow?

Seen in new packing district area …”

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JUMP (Website) is Uber’s new electric bike share system, and it’s coming to Orlando.

Uber-users will be able to rent an electric bike using their Uber app by selecting “bike” in the main screen. The bikes are pedal-assisted electric models with an integrated GPS system, similar to other systems that have launched in the area but they must be locked to a public bike rack (or street sign a la Juice Bike Share), rather than left to free-range chicken it like Lime. That being said, they’re still dockless which means you don’t have to bring them back to a designated rack when you’re finished with them.

But despite the above photo, they haven’t officially launched yet.

JUMP Bikes has submitted an application to pepper 500 bicycles around Orlando and City staff has been evaluating their application. There has been no approval issued at this time. 

A JUMP spokesperson admitted that while they were still working with the City of Orlando on launching locally they expected to launch some time in the next week or so.

Prices for JUMP rentals vary from city to city with an Austin JUMP costing $1 for the first 5 minutes and .15 cents for each following minute versus $1 to unlock and .10 cents a minute in San Diego. The price for Orlando riders is yet to be released.

Dockless bike share is proving to be popular in Orlando as Lime just hit 50,000 local rides last week according to City spokesperson Karyn Barber, in a total of just 87 active operating days.  On Valentine’s Day, there was a total of 964 rides in a single day.

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