City to require recycling at new buildings


Orlando City Council will hear a possible amendment for Chapter 28 of City Code at the March 11 Council Meeting that would make it mandatory for all new multifamily and commercial buildings to offer recycling services.

Currently, the City of Orlando does not require multifamily or commercial buildings to participate in a recycling program, which means a majority of local housing complexes and commercial properties only have a required garbage dumpster on property.

According to City spokesperson, Karyn Barber, the City of Orlando has seen a 20 percent increase in residential recycling participation since 2012 and have heard from many residents who live in multifamily housing and people who work in office buildings who want the opportunity to recycle themselves.

Should the ordinance go into effect, the recycling program will consist of three simple requirements for multifamily or commercial buildings:

  1. Provide a recycling container(s)
  2. Arrange for recycling collection service
  3. Submit a verification form.

The City will provide assistance, training, and support for recycling and enforcement will mirror current policies for garbage and solid waste.

Scroll down to see the draft copy of the proposed amendment.

Draft Recycling Ordinance – City of Orlando from Brendan O’Connor

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