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City Hall to remove over 20 trees along Edgewater Drive


The City of Orlando has recently completed an inventory of the trees growing along Edgewater Drive and have come to the decision that a number trees could be unsafe due to the declining health of the tree or interference with electrical wires.

As such, to allegedly ensure the safety of pedestrians and commuters in the district, the City will be removing a total of 23 trees along Edgewater Drive as well as trimming another 26 trees.

Once the trees have been removed, the City will be pouring concrete into the existing tree wells to make the sidewalk surface, rather than planting more trees.

The City has hired Davey Tree Expert Company, to perform the work. Weather permitting, Davey Tree Expert Company will be removing and trimming trees on Saturday, April 20, 2019.

The work will begin in the morning and continue through the day. Sidewalk closures and lane shifts may be needed as the crews work along the corridor between Oak Street and Hazel.

Scroll down for a map of which trees will be affected by this project, most of which are palms.

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