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Science Center dishing out $93,000 to local groups for Pompeii exhibit


We told you back in April that the Orlando Science Center was named as one of four locations in the country to host a traveling Pompeii-focused exhibit and that they had a huge pot of money to spend on local cooperative programming. So don’t be mad if you’re just hearing about it now.

Well sit back, because they’ve just announced who their eight partners will be and the budget is now $93,000. The following copy is taken directly from a press release we received earlier today.

  • Creative City Project: A highly visible, exciting installation simulating an active volcano that will debut for 70,000 guests at IMMERSE 2019.
  • Downtown Arts District: The entire CityArts venue will host themes from Pompeii: The Immortal City exhibition with six new exhibits.
  • Enzian: The theater will screen a series of classic, educational, and family-friendly films to inspire interest in the culture and times of Ancient Rome and Pompeii.
  • Joseph Hayes – The Company of Eccentric Beggars: As a food writer and researcher of more than 20 years, and a frequent traveler to Southern Italy, Hayes will use his experience to create a series of discussions, demonstrations and pop-up kitchens exploring the unique foods of the Pompeian kitchen.
  • Mad Cow Theatre: The theatre company will develop and perform a series of interactive monologues highlighting the women of Pompeii. Characters will be inspired by tiles, paintings, and written research featuring residents, Romans, slaves, courtesans, etc.
  • Snap! Orlando: This group will incorporate the Pompeii experience in its ongoing Augmented Reality public art project, CITY unseen. CITY unseen is designed to push the artistic boundaries of this new medium to connect Orlando to a global conversation about how to use emerging technology to create higher forms of art and educational experiences.
  • UCF: Faculty from Rollins and UCF will host a symposium that will provide the visitor with an overview of what it was like to live in Pompeii before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius as well as aspects of the aftermath.
  • UCF CREATE (UCF Board of Trustees): This group will develop an art program to involve students from Lake Eola Charter School where they will learn the science of how frescos are created and work collaboratively to create fresco paintings.

The Pompeii: The Immortal City exhibit will feature over 100 artifacts, including some which will be on display for the first time, and will premiere at the Center on June 6, 2020 and be on display through September 7.

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