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Frosty’s and Fuel sell to new owners


Todd Ulmer of Beacon Hill Group has sold his downtown sister bars, Fuel Orlando and Frosty’s Christmastime Lounge, to the owners of nearby Swigg’s Orlando (the okayest bar in town).

Orion Hospitality Group’s Sean Candelario, Josh Manes, and Jamie Feldman, now own all three bars in the building at 50 E. Central Boulevard [GMap] and are working towards operating them all under one branded concept, with a working name of “Grand Central” though that could change in the near future.

Fuel closed for a brief period of time to allow for some basic renovations that included removing the rear stage, brightening the interior with more lighting, and replacing a heavy iron entrance gateway with a garage door. The outdoor Swigg’s patio will soon be extended and conjoined with the frontage by Frosty’s and an interior entranceway is being opened up to function more as an inner courtyard space for all three bars.

Fuel has since reopened as of this past weekend and will soon feature nightly DJs and a kitchen serving up personal pizzas made with “top-quality ingredients.”

Frosty’s Christmastime Lounge will remain closed for another few months or until “the weather is cooler.”

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