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Ace Cafe finally entering second phase of build-out with outdoor concert space


Ace Cafe Orlando will finally build an outdoor patio-style concert and events venue that they’ve been promising since they broke ground on the renovations of the former Harry P. Leu Supply Company building in 2017.

According to a release their PR team sent out this morning, Ace Cafe has officially pulled the permits necessary to start building that space, which will now be called “Backyard at The Ace.”

The second phase will see the venue expand on the south side of their property with an additional 15,000 SF of turf, fencing, and lighting for an outdoor beer garden setup, complete with hanging light strands and a pop-up stage at the eastern edge for outdoor concerts.

Currently, the corner is simply a stretch of crushed rock and a couple of picnic chairs.

Construction is expected to finish in late summer (read “October”) with a grand opening party to be announced at a later date.

Ace Cafe is located at 198 W. Livingston Street [GMap] in Downtown Orlando.

Editor’s Note: There has been no news of an updated timeline for the still-unbuilt adjoining restaurant, Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ, to be housed on the site of a former barn on the property.

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