Governor Ron DeSantis signed a special bill on June 2019 that effectively prohibits local governments from requiring a permit to trim or cut trees on private property.

House Bill 1159: Private Property Rights came into effect on July 1, 2019 and specifically states, “HB 1159, prohibits local governments from requiring a notice, application, approval, permit, fee, or mitigation for the pruning, trimming, or removal of a tree on residential property if the tree presents a danger to persons or property, as documented by a certified arborist or licensed landscape architect.”

When it was first passed, the City of Winter Park suspended all enforcement of its tree preservation ordinance, but following further discussion at the August 26 City Commission meeting, the city has re-instituted enforcement of its tree preservation ordinance effective Monday, September 9.

All protected tree species on private property will again require a tree removal permit unless excluded as part of HB 1159 regulations. They are only requiring permits for trees on residential property that are not considered dangerous by a certified arborist or landscape architect. 

Winter Park has been a member of the Tree City USA program with The Arbor Day Foundation for years and actively promotes their value for their trees and in preserving their mature tree canopy.


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  1. People have a right to protect themselves and there property. We love trees and protecting them starts with location and correct species choice .Winter park is a prime example of a city not maintaining there trees .Sidewalks elevated, Asphalt raised, root systems causing hazards for pedestrian traffic. Overhead Utilities are constant hazards forming circuits when making contact to canopies.Plumbing at residential houses and sewer repair and Trucks hitting scaffolding limbs are continuously a hazard. Everyone loves trees and there important functions to our environment come with a price tag and responsibility. A city that claims they love trees, but wont consider handling there responsibilities and want to dictate how my home is theres to regulate. Wondering if the city wants to protect and save and determine who can and can not remove, why will they not assume responsibility for damage or injury? No such thing as a tree that isn’t hazardous, we live in a hurricane state with insurance companies doing there best to help .Your twisting of the right to a property owners, is driven by the all mighty dollar. I have yet to see a city official offer to pay for a crane to Remove a live oak from a roof they denied permiting to? Easment trees are being prunned by homeowners who are choosing the least expensive services, and usually untrained in .A.N.S.I 300 wich is the prunning bible an Arborist abides by,and yet your hacks that are employed by the city aren’t even sterilizing between canopies. I keep seeing solar installed and trees being removed to allow more sun penetration on panels. An invasive species like camphor trees are being permitted, when we should be controlling there spread like the Brazilian pepper tree.This comes down to people’s rights to choose and the constant battle to be a free American on land they own. Next we won’t be able to fly our nations flag because it doesn’t fit in with your color scheme. We have beautiful amazing park’s and medians on 100,000 of thousands of miles of interstate. Let’s plant trees were they are safe and not a hazard or by choice. And I want to meet the magical Arborist that has the ability to see the future and look into a crystal ball. Saturated soil will allow a healthy tree to fall and decay in the upper canopy that was inspected from the ground can again hit a passer by . In 2019 at a wedding I’n California, people were killed by a falling eucalyptus tree,15 tons of tree took something that can’t be replaced like replacing a tree.WAKE UP AND REMEMBER WE ARE AMERICANS.If I visited your home i would find 100 things you are doing to harm our environment and you wouldn’t change a thing. City officials ,thats a joke ,and to claim you are a tree city is a bigger joke.Talk is cheap it takes action and dedication, with a brigade of tree service professionals on a daily basis to upkeep and monitor urban forestry..Bill 1159 was put in place for a reason,give property owners back there rights,You weesles want to dictate hazards, then assume responsibility when you are wrong , civil damages and criminal damages for injury and loss of life!! So again I will ask you, come to my home and flag the trees that are not considered dangerous. Because 3 yrs ago you came to my clients and denied removal, we again invited you back 14 days before Ian. His best friend for 12 yrs was killed by a limb falling and puncturing his lung..Not one of you have had the dignity to admit, no boring test,No ISA training, No riclimometer test nothing can tell the integrity or safety of any species..Putting more money that is wasted on your fake fight. Save the oceans and rivers and rain forests and mountains…Stop your making excuses and allow people there rights to choose species and locations on there property. And I apologize, most of us were here before you even new our beautiful home or your justification to Remove a property owners rights .How dare you raise your hand or pledge to my flag..It’s odd because we learn from our past and we have lost many Americans to stay free and for you to think you can take that right away from us….Governor DeSantis gave us back the rights to choose, now you think you are above him …All the emails and not one person would respond and awesome responsibility after your Arborist said the tree was safe.Again my point is made? Should he be under indictment or should you? Mother Nature is in control, helping her starts in far more important ways . (Concerning Americans )