Looking for some great hands-on activities with your children that will expose them to volunteerism, hard work, and community spirit? Bungalower is partnering with local tech-guru Gregg Pollack and his children to spotlight some of the amazing local organizations that are always on the lookout for volunteers.

Editor’s Note: All following video, content, and opinions are those of Pollack and not of Bungalower Media.

Recently, I was reluctantly opening a box of soap at a hotel and wondering, “Is this just going to be thrown away?” The answer, unfortunately, is “Yes,” but thankfully about ten years ago local charity Clean the World (Facebook | Website) saw this waste as an opportunity.  

Since then, the organization has partnered with hotels around the world to collect their used soap and shampoo bottles, ship them to their facility, sanitize them, and send them onward to places around the world that need them.  Clean the World has improved global hygiene by serving over 10,000,000 people in over 127 countries with their upcycled soaps. Hygiene-related illnesses are one of the leading causes of death for children globally, which means their work has been saving lives.  

Though this non-profit started in Orlando, its mission has expanded along with its locations around the world. Not only are they recycling and redistributing soap, but they help with hygiene-based education programs, microloans, and emergency relief.
As you can see in the video, this Saturday, my kids and I volunteered to help sort soap and shampoo that had arrived from hotels. Soap that will be sanitized and sent onward to help save lives.  

For volunteering opportunities, donations, or if you’re connected to a hotel that is ready to turn their waste into saved lives, head to their website.

I’m looking for more opportunities to put my kids to work volunteering for local charities and creating videos for them. If you have any to suggest for a future visit, please do get in touch or contact [email protected] for an introduction.


Pollack will be sharing more videos of his family’s adventures in volunteerism into early 2020 as he endeavors to expose his children to the joys of volunteerism and in giving back to the community.

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