PROMO: It’s no secret to our readers that Krampusnacht is Bungalower Media’s second-favorite holiday after Halloween. But for newbies, Krampus is basically a Christmas demon with origins in the alpine regions of Europe that’s often depicted as a tall, hairy creature with horns, a satchel full of naughty children, a dangling tongue, and a switch for spanking kids on St. Nicholas’s shit list.

Each year on December 5, Eastern Europeans host a community-wide event where Krampus demons parade through the streets and spank everyone in sight. Watch the video above for a good example.

This year, The Milk District will be getting in on the Krampus celebrations with a one-night-only event featuring live music, vegan and non-vegan food, a beer garden by Sideward Brewing Co., Christmas vendors, costume contests, a Krampuslauf parade, and tons of spanking.

Children are welcome before 7 p.m. but their safety is not confirmed in the evening hours.

The fun begins at 5 p.m.

Editor’s Note: Bungalower is a media sponsor of this event.


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