Looking for some great hands-on activities with your children that will expose them to volunteerism, hard work, and community spirit? Bungalower is partnering with local tech-guru Gregg Pollack and his children to spotlight some of the amazing local organizations that are always on the lookout for volunteers.

Editor’s Note: All following video, content, and opinions are those of Pollack and not of Bungalower Media. We first wrote about the following organization HERE in April 2017.

On a Sunday afternoon, the kids and I found our way to a warehouse in Longwood where we packed a few hundred meals for Feeding Children Everywhere (Website). There, kids of all ages were packing and measuring food servings which then were packed into boxes, counted, and sealed for delivery.  

Feeding Children Everywhere started in 2010 with the vision of a hunger-free World. Since then they’ve packed 123 million meals delivered to 53 different countries.

This nonprofit has many programs that make an impact, but in my opinion, the most creative is its “Hunger Project.” Any organization, school, business, or church can host a meal packaging event where employees from Feeding Children Everywhere show up with food and all the equipment needed to pack meals. You can even choose where the food you pack goes in the world. The only catch is that your organization is paying for the meals, but that’s how they make their money needed to run the charity.

Yes, this non-profit makes money by providing people the ability to impact the world. You might call it paid volunteerism. If you can figure out how to create more companies like this, please do it, and let me know about it.

Pollack will be sharing more videos of his family’s adventures in volunteerism into early 2020 as he endeavors to expose his children to the joys of volunteerism and in giving back to the community.If you have any to suggest for a future visit, please do get in touch or contact [email protected] for an introduction.

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