The City of Winter Park’s Urban Forestry Division has implemented a new TreeKeeper software that allows them to keep a running inventory of the over 22,000 trees that are growing in public parks and property to manage the city canopy and track its progress while they endeavor to revitalize the urban forest for future generations. And now they’re letting residents use it too.

The Urban Forestry staff has opened an abridged version of the tool for public use via a new Central Park Tree Species Tour to learn about different species that have been planted, the number of trees that have been planted in recent years, and the ecological and economic benefits of trees in general.

According to a release sent by the City of Winter Park earlier this week, they hope that by opening the new TreeKeeper resource to residents and visitors during the pandemic, they will be able to enjoy the outdoors and learn more about Winter Park’s urban forest safely, while practicing social distancing.

Click HERE for instructions on how to open the program on your mobile device. Don’t forget, the City of Winter Park is offering free Wi-Fi service in and around its downtown. More on that HERE.

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  1. This is wonderful! I’m definitely going to download this and use it next time I’m in Winter Park. I wonder if we have anything similar for the downtown Orlando area.