Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings announced last week that his administration would be forming “strike teams” that would be visiting businesses in the region to ensure they are following COVID-19 safety protocols.

The teams, which will be formed in partnership with the Florida Department of Health, will be going business to business to educate them on how to comply with the rules. The move is supported by the Business Compliance and Consumer Confidence Working Group that has been set in place to review Orange County’s public policy, as it pertains to the pandemic.

The teams will be looking for the following four areas of compliance:

  1. How a business practices social distancing
  2. How a business follows the mandatory facial covering Executive Order
  3. How a business maintains check points and marks floors to assist patrons in staying six feet apart
  4. How a business posts signage reminding patrons and employees to wear masks, social distance, and to follow safety protocols.

Businesses will not be warned prior to the visits but they will be required to identify themselves as either County or Department of Health representatives upon arrival. The task forces will be there first and foremost to educate the businesses on proper compliance but if they discover any “bad actors,” as Mayor Demings puts it, they will be reported back to the the Working Group and the County for further action.

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  1. Why not let the citizens of Orange County help with identifying those businesses that are obviously not complying with the Mayor’s order of directives. Establish a call-in HotLine. I know of one in Conway that purposely ignores the social distancing order at their bar sales. Clean Up Conway Compliance!