UPDATE: You can donate to a Worker Hardship Fund established by the employees under the name “The Seeds” to support them while they look for new jobs.

Dandelion Community Cafe (Facebook Website) has permanently closed.

The vegetarian restaurant had been in operation for 14 years at 618 N. Thornton Avenue [GMap] and hosted a number of popular community events like a weekly spoken word series, maker markets, and regular art shows.

Last week, the owners announced that the restaurant had temporarily closed its Mills 50 dining room, and the employees made headlines when they picketed the closure and called for the owners to recognize a union they were assembling.

Owner Chris Blanc made the following statement about the permanent closure on the restaurant’s website:

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  1. A lucrative, 14 year old business doesn’t shutter its doors simply out of spite of its employees. Restaurants have taken a significant financial hit since COVID-19 and many are barely keeping their doors open. Regrettably, our area will likely see several more local restaurants and businesses shutter for good and employees out of work. I did hear that Starbucks and Amazon are hiring.

  2. When I click on the link to donate to the worker’s fund, PayPal says “You session is invalid or expired.” Could the article please be updated with a working link or email for the PayPal donations?:)

  3. They refused to pay back pay to their workers after firing a worker for even SUGGESTING that ownership sit down with them to talk about concerns. In response to that, the workers formed a union and the ownership locked the doors and shut down the business. The workers have a hardship fund they set up.

    1. I would find a lawyer and sue the owners for lost wages, sounds like they closed, because of not wanting to pay back wages