An Orlando-based company, Trident Real Estate Investments, LLC., is looking for approvals to build a proposed three-story apartment complex at 5750 Stonewall Jackson Road [GMap] where 90 percent of its 72 units would qualify as affordable housing.

The project was scheduled to be voted on at City Council on October 5 but was delayed when Commissioner Tony Ortiz questioned the number of parking spaces provided in the plans. Commissioner Ortiz stated, “Let’s offer them quality, not just a place to put their heads at night.” Saying, “…Let’s do it right.” Reiterating that he was not against the project but was advocating for a plan that would shave off seven units in order to provide more parking spaces.

Commissioner Regina Hill argued that affordable housing developments in her district did not require more than one parking space per unit and accused Ortiz of simply not wanting affordable housing in his district.

Mayor Dyer suggested that the project developer meet with Commissioner Ortiz to discuss the proposal further as it still needs to return to council for further reading before being allowed to move forward to construction.

At the time of this post, there is an estimated 90,000+ unit shortage of affordable housing in the Orlando area.

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