Everyone and their mom is hosting outdoor movies right now and for some reason, most of them are Hocus Pocus. Don’t get us wrong, that movie is totally magical, but there are so many other options out there for your Halloween movie-viewing. And rather than sitting back and complaining on Facebook, which we’ll certainly do anyway, here is a quick roundup of ten movies that you can watch instead.

MOVIE #1 – IT (2017)

What is a scarier scene in movie history than Pennywise the Clown lurking in a storm sewer and talking to a little boy in the rain. Get out of there, kid! We’re still screaming at our television sets.

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MOVIE #2 – SCREAM (1996)

Wes Craven’s slightly masturbatory ode to slasher films is either one of your favorites or something you love to hate. And that’s ok. You’re just wrong if you hate it. Also, it’s probably one of the last times we were sexually attracted to David Arquette.

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Saddle up to enjoy this classic thriller with some chianti and fava beans to bare witness to some game-changing performances by Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster.

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May Satan bless Mia Farrow in this scary story about a woman tricked into giving birth to an unnatural baby. All this takes place in a New York City apartment building that we would totally live in, but only if we were guaranteed not to have devil babies.

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Paranormal investigating demonologist couple Lorraine and Ed Warren head to the haunted home of Carolyn and Roger out in the country. Shit goes down. Also, Vera Farmiga’s hair deserves an Oscar.

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This movie set the pace for modern horror films.

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Since the basis of our argument is that Hocus Pocus should be given a little break this year, it totally makes sense that Practical Magic be included in the list. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman star as the magical Owens sisters who get haunted by Goran “Gorgeous” Visnjic from under their family rose bush. Classic Halloween hijinx.

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Produced by an Orlando posse, we’d be in major trouble if we skipped adding this mock-doc to our list. Follow along with a group of naive “filmmakers” as they search for titular villain, The Blair Witch, and end up staring at corners of abandoned homes. So scary.

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This 2020 take on the H.G. Wells classic sees Elisabeth Moss as Cecilia trying to flee her abusive tech bro boyfriend who totally manipulated, isolated, and abused her. Just like all of her film relationships, really. The movie is scary and a total thriller, and while the invisibility factor is a real nail biter, the fact that its based on real-life tales of abuse really strikes home.

On a serious note, if you need help – see our Resource Guide of Central Florida resources if you’re experiencing sexual harassment.

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