Winter Park is getting a new New York-inspired restaurant just off Park Avenue.

The Bridge (Facebook | Instagram) will be moving into the former home of Proper and Wild at 155 E. Morse Boulevard [GMap] and specializing in “contemporary American fare.”

On Instagram, they state, “From the menu to the ambiance, and everything in between, New York and its people are the inspiration for this new restaurant we are bringing to Winter Park.”

An opening timeline has not been made public at this time but according to their Facebook page, they’re currently in the menu development stage.

Proper and Wild closed last summer following allegations of sexual harassment against co-owner Jamie Savage from employees in the restaurant and sister restaurants Sanctum Cafe and Sanctum Coffee and Juice Bar in Altamonte Springs.

Brendan O'Connor

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  1. This is exciting. New York themed restaurant is great as long as the food is authentic. I love New Yorkers, they add to our economy. We love the diversity here in Central Florida.

  2. Sandy Cortez you might want to take it down a notch abs maybe get anger classes. These people and others can move here and we actually invite diversity to central florida or have you hidden under a rock? This is the land of Disney and tourists and diversity is what we are all about! Let’s be kinder since we’ve experienced too much hate recently. It will all be ok and you don’t have to dine or go anywhere you don’t want but please leave us to selecting new opportunities.

  3. People have been migrating to Florida since Ponce de Leon in 1513. Now you must know how the first Indians must have felt after the European invasions. Florida had also has a strong Hispanic culture, not just in Miami but in Tampa, too.

    So it’s not just about Dixie stars and bars. New Yorkers are always welcome here, no Southern accent needed, they’re bringing a lot of infusion of capital which boosts the state’s economy. Just wish the Republicans didn’t control the state so much.

  4. Why don’t they leave New York in New York with all the New Yorkers. This is Florida and the South and if we wanted to be New Yorkers, we would go to Manhattan. The arrogance of New Yorkers to think everyone wants to be like them is absurd. The world doesn’t revolve around Manhattan and the New York culture and most New Yorkers are realizing that now and are leaving their over taxed and over regulated hell hole for paradises like Winter Park and other areas of Florida. Don’t New York my Florida! Keep Florida special and unique for the Floridians. This isn’t the sixth borough!!