The City of Winter Park has engaged real estate brokerage JLL to reach out to property owners along the north side of Fairbanks Avenue, between Denning and Ward, to measure their interest in possibly selling their properties.

The City is interested in purchasing the property in order to carry out a list of potential projects that include expanding existing parking, adding bike and pedestrian pathways around the adjacent park (which houses the new Winter Park Public Library and Events Center), and roadway improvements that include adding a right turn lane from Denning Drive onto Fairbanks as they believe it would relieve some of the vehicle stacking issues occurring at the intersection.


According to a Winter Park council agenda item, the owner of the largest parcel, located at 929-957 W. Fairbanks where Vines and Forks restaurant is located, has allegedly expressed interest with a sales price of $3 million.

Businesses affected by the sale would include Imperial Laundry and Dry Cleaners, Austin’s Coffee, Nail Alchemy, and Vines and Forks by the Wine Barn.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. I was unsuccessful in reply, but thank you. I would think the cost for the building may be prohibitive now. I hope the city leaves this spot and if not hopefully a fundraiser can help the owners share the wealth with patrons helping them get into another nearby venue.

  2. Mixing bike paths, cross walks and dedicated right turn lanes sounds like it’ll have deadly consequences with the way people drive in this town.

  3. Wondering who owns Austin’s coffee and if the funds will lead to either a bigger future, or a hole where a great place used to be.

    1. The business doesn’t own the building, so if it sells to the City of Winter Park, Austin’s will be displaced and see none of the money.
      The only way they can stay in that space is if they convince the City to let them stay while they knock down the rest of the lot or if they purchase the property themselves.