Lake Baldwin could soon be a fish paradise if a consortium of local government groups gets their way.

Lake Baldwin has been managed in cooperation with the City of Orlando, City of Winter Park, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission since 1982, and recently, the Commission has expressed its desire to further restore and enhance fishing opportunities in Lake Baldwin by designating it as a Fish Management Area (FMA).

Designating the lake as an official FMA will also include new rules like designating the lake a No Wake Zone to prohibit the use of fast watercraft. There are roughly 80 water bodies in the state designated as official FWAs, most of which are stocked with channel catfish, largemouth bass, and sunshine bass.

The Commission will bear the cost of the FMA program, if approved at the upcoming April 12 City Council meeting.

Now here’s a clip of young Brad Pitt going fishing.

Brendan O'Connor

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