A particularly gnarly piece of road in Audubon Park will be getting a much-needed crosswalk in the (near-ish) future.

The announcement was made via the Audubon Park Garden District Executive Director, Jennifer Marvel, on social media, declaring the move a big win for the neighborhood and its residents.

“‘Finally. After over a decade of advocacy, Corrine Drive is finally getting a (small, but very needed) upgrade. We’re getting a mid-block crossing (with red light pedestrians can push to force cars to stop) in front of East End Market. I am so happy I can hardly stand it. Just need to gather up some design folks to work out the crosswalk design and the plantings we want to see there.” 


Marvel told Bungalower that the next steps include getting volunteers and her Main Street board together to create a wish list for the crosswalk design and to decide on what sort of plantings they’d like on either end of the installation.

Metric Engineering is doing the design work.


A pop-up crosswalk was installed in the same spot in 2013 by Orlando residents Sarah Elbadri and Peter Martinez who were attempting to call attention to the need to rework the street to favor pedestrians over cars as the area became more and more popular, with businesses like East End Market, Redlight Redlight, Bem Bom, and and the new K-8 school all opening in a relatively short period of time.

Click HERE to see the recently released Corrine Drive Complete Streets redesign report which recommends a $10-14 million overhaul of the corridor in the next five to ten years.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. I doubt I will ever see the redo of Corrine, N Forest and Virginia. Lived in Audubon Park for 22 years, and tired of seeing our tax money go to elsewhere. Leu Gardens is a gem, but the roads leading to it are an embarrassment. And to think a city commissioner lives right there and nothing happens. Maybe it’s not their district.

  2. The Corrine Drive overhaul is needed NOW not in 5-10 years- it’s already been years and years- !!!