Orlando Sentinel‘s shareholders at Tribune Publishing (Website) voted on Friday to sell the newspaper properties to hedge fund Alden Global Capital.

“Today, Tribune Publishing shareholders voted to put profit and greed over local news in our country. While we are saddened by the turn of events, we know that our work over the past year — to build allies in the community and to raise awareness about Alden — is not in vain. Those allies will support us as we fight against Alden to protect local news and the cuts that they will inevitably try to make.” 


Alden has made a name for itself by acquiring newspapers and then instituting mass layoffs and spending cuts to maximize profits before ultimately closing them and news of the pending sale sent Sentinel employees and their supporters out to protest at Lake Eola the day of the vote.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Quit the paper some time ago. If I wanted nothing but liberal politics and slanted news I could just turn on MSNBC, or CNN. It stopped being relevant some years ago.

  2. Do you pay for any streaming service or cable? Do they still have commercials? Same thing. If you think they could survive in the current environment without ads, you are really mistaken. No newspaper is sitting on a chest of money trying to bilk their readers.

  3. They sold out when they quit running the local three lines local obits A lot of people lost interest then and dropped the subscriptions then. I like a lot of people thought all they cared about was money even back then.

  4. I was a subscriber for 30 years, left the paper because th3 editorial board slanted to far to the left. I wanted just the news without personal opinion or commentary, I am more than capable of formulating my own opinion based on fact. If the get closed down, they have no one to blame but the woke political propaganda they pedal to their readership.

  5. I used to be a long time Slantinel reader, but the paper became more biased over time lacked journalistic objectivity. Save the op eds for the Editorial. Y’all are entitled to your opinion.

  6. A short sighted reply that ignores the facts in play. The loss of independent reporting removes yet another pillar of a free and democratic society. But I guess that’s not nearly as important as the monumental difficulty of swiping past an ad.

  7. Endedmy subscription to the Orlando Slantniel years ago because of their slanted political reporting. Tried the online format and it was hard to navigate not worth the money. Now if a sentinel story is on rhe Google news feed, they only let you see a few then cut you off and want you to subscribe, news journal is the same.

  8. Maybe the Orlando Sentinel should have been more concerned with reporting the facts than their own slanted liberal opinion for years without end. You might still be in the same boat but at least you’d have some journalistic integrity left.

  9. As much as I would love to feel bad for Orlando Sentinel employees, I don’t and I will tell you why. When I was employed at Universal Studios, we parked cars of level 5 and level 6 of both garages because in the afternoon we would slow down on traffic and be exposed standing in one position for hours in the direct sun which was extremely hot. One day Orlando Sentinel comes in and makes a major complaint about starting to park on level 6 and 5 when other floors are open. We then began starting on level 1 then 2 and so forth leading up to us being fried and cooked on the rooftop. Has it ever occurred to them that Disney doesn’t haven’t 1 single spot of shade for any vehicle or a garage except for Disney Springs? 🖕Orlando Sentinel

  10. Good riddance to the Orlando Sentinel who had the nerve to charge to read the online articles while STILL filling up space with ads.
    Goodbye cheapskates!