Miami-based Wild Fork (Website) will be opening a new location in a former mattress shop in Winter Park at 625 S. Orlando Avenue [GMap].

The popular meat and seafood market is already renovating the former Mattress One on the corner of Fairbanks and Orlando Avenues, and when finished, will feature over 700 types of meats from alligator to zebu (probably not zebu, I was just trying to make an alphabet joke).

They will also have plant-based proteins available as well.

An opening date was not public at the time of this post.

An investigation into Wild Fork’s parent company JBS USA was launched in January by Democratic Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey and Republican Senator Marco Rubio who raised concerns over the company’s influence on the nation’s meat market.

Brendan O'Connor

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  1. Owned by a Democrat?

    Ahhh…i see. Democrat showed up as a word on the page, so naturally the conspiracy machine must kick in and the alternative facts come spewing forth.

    Your ignorance is biting you in the butt because if you were capable of combining those random words you are seeing on the page into a coherent sentence, you would see that the chain was being investigated by democratic senator, not owned by, you fool.

    Thanks for being the most useless of Americans.

  2. Owned by a democrat?
    Forget it. I would trust Charles Manson to cut my dinner meat before I trust a democrat.