While attending the recent swan release at Lake Eola (read more about that HERE) we happened to spot some large-ish lizards hanging out by the Chinese pagoda and went in for a closer look.

The critters turned out to be Agama Lizards, or “rainbow lizards,” which are an invasive species of small-to-moderately-sized lizards that grow up to a foot in length, that have been making their way northward from South Florida since 1976.

They’re not known to be aggressive or to destroy private property with spray paint, and they’re not venomous and they don’t carry any diseases, but they’re known for taking suspiciously large poops which can be a bit annoying for homeowners.

The City of Orlando is aware of the invasive lizard’s presence in public parks and is already working with a private trapper to maintain the population. We’ve been informed that “maintain” means trapping them and relocating them, not feeding them to fish or selling them into lizard slavery.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. So why spent money on “relocating them” ?
    Thought the invasive species would be eradicated !

  2. What is their origin and how do they get here ? Zoos , Pets set loose , cargo ships ?

  3. I was going to name them. They are my morning buddies. I will miss my Agamas😟. Thank you for being concerned! Roman