Joshua Vickery, the founder of CFCArts (Facebook | Website), has announced his departure from the popular arts organization.

Vickery announced via a prepared statement, included at the bottom of this post, that he had accepted a job as the CEO of Encore Creativity (Website) in Washington, D.C., which is the largest arts and choral program in the nation for adults over the age of 55.

Vickery’s last day with CFCArts is October 8th at the organization’s annual anniversary benefit. A search committee has already been identified to find his replacement.

Dear CFCArts Supporter –

 What started in a garage with 25 dedicated and passionate people has turned from an idea to a vision to a community changer. Thousands of people in Central Florida have experienced the arts, and hundreds have performed on one of our stages. I am so very proud of the mission and the heartbeat of what this organization is to our region, and how it strives to make the arts affordable and accessible to all, no matter age or ability. We have come so far. 

I am the founder, but in truth and reality there is a group of founders. There has been an amazing group of volunteers, board members, and team members who have paved the way of every bit of what we have accomplished over the last 11 years. To each of those who have served alongside me – I am so thankful. 

I had no idea that I would be leading a nonprofit all these years later or that I would still be serving in the arts in Orlando after this amount of time. I always knew that once the organization was in a healthy place, I would pass the baton on to others who would come behind me and continue the race. The time has come, and it is bittersweet for sure. CFCArts has weathered a pandemic and has an incredible Board, amazing team, and an army of supporters. Our government, funders, and partners recognize this organization as vital to the fabric of who we are as a community. The organization is recovering from this last 18 months in a beautiful way and is in a strong financial position; CFCArts is ready for a new leader and leadership team to shape who it will be moving forward AND to create sustainability for generations to come. 

My job here is complete. 

I have been offered and have accepted an amazing opportunity as the CEO of Encore Creativity in the Washington D.C. metro area. This organization is the largest arts and choral program in the country for older adults (55 plus) and has over 30 choral programs in DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, New York City, and other metro areas. They have recently created affiliate choirs in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and now have a presence in 28 states. My main focus as the new CEO will be the national expansion of arts programs for older adults across our great nation. What an exciting adventure and one that I believe will have great impact. At my very core, I am a builder, and I am expectant about what this new chapter might mean for arts advancement. 

My last official day with CFCArts will be October 8th (our annual anniversary breakfast) and I will be working with our board and team over the upcoming weeks to ensure a smooth transition. A search committee has been identified to lead the national search for the next leader. 

I have full confidence in our board leadership, our team and YOU, our friend and supporter, to continue and further expand the great work of Central Florida Community Arts. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these 11 years and for your part that in advocating and cheering on the work of CFCArts. This organization is just getting started. 

I am forever grateful. 


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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