Professional comedian and host of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Joe Rogan, took to Instagram today to announce that he had tested positive for COVID-19, saying he arrived home on Saturday evening feeling “run down” and had a headache.

Rogan brought his Joe Rogan: The Sacred Clown Tour to Fort Lauderdale and Tampa last week before heading to Orlando on Saturday, August 28, to the Amway Center, which we told you about HERE. Rogan went home that evening feeling sick and tested positive, as he disclosed on Instagram.

Rogan told his 13 million Instagram followers that he threw the “kitchen sink” at the illness in an attempt to recover quickly which included monoclonal antibodies, Z-Pak, prednisone, and the antiparasitic/deworming agent, ivermectin.

It must be said that ivermectin is currently only approved for use in people for specific parasitic diseases and is not recommended by the FDA to treat COVID-19, nor has it been proven to be effective. The FDA recently had to issue a statement urging people against using the drug after multiple reports of people being hospitalized after self-medicating with “ivermectin intended for horses.”

We’ve reached out to the Amway Center to see if anyone on staff may have had contact with the comedian during his performance.

Brendan O'Connor

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