As part of their ongoing efforts to remind people not to stop their vehicles on train tracks, SunRail has launched a new “Never Will I Ever” campaign to drive it home that in the struggle of train versus car, the train will always win.

In this new video released as part of their Rail Safety Week initiative, locals are treated to actual behind-the-scenes footage from the perspective of SunRail train conductors as they narrowly miss, or full-on collide with Orlando drivers who failed to follow basic safety instructions.

SunRail’s top five safety tips to avoid getting hit by a train:

  1. Use crosswalks to cross train tracks.
  2. Do not stop on or near train tracks in a vehicle.
  3. Avoid distractions like your cellphone while near train tracks.
  4. Report suspicious packages and actions.
  5. Always look for a second train before crossing train tracks.

We created a SunRail collision map in 2019 that compiled all of the accidents that had occurred between then and 2014 when the first phase of the commuter rail system launched. Click HERE to see it for yourself.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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