Orlando City Council will vote on whether or not to extend a current moratorium on outdoor speaker permits at the upcoming January 24 City Council meeting.

The City of Orlando passed an ordinance that limited outdoor speaker permits this summer that was scheduled to end by January 31, 2022, but if the new proposal is passed, it will be extended through August 31, 2022.

The ordinance restricts outdoor speakers over City-owned rights-of-way, and city staff has stated that they have created a noticeable reduction in the overall street and ambient noise in the Downtown Entertainment District. Staff are asking for the extension of the program to allow for more time to draft standards that would be included in the overall Noise Ordinance at City Hall to allow for more enforceable regulations.

The City recently adopted a Quiet Zone policy that bans the use of train horns at every public highway-rail grade crossing through the downtown that should go into effect by the end of the month.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Banning train horns is one of the most idiotic and dangerous things to do.

    It’s one idea that was tried years ago and it created even more accidents with not only vehicles, but pedestrians during the “test phase”.

    If you don’t like train horns, train bells, including crossing bells, which were also silenced, then why did you move into a home, apartment, condominium or mobile home next to, or close to a railroad track?

    Just like the morons that buy a home next to an airport, then complain about the airplanes landing and taking off.

    Can you say “DUMB”? LOL