Three historic restoration projects in the Parramore Neighborhood scored big this week from the Florida African American Cultural and Historical Grants.

The Well’s Built Museum of African American History and Culture (Facebook | Website) was awarded the 19th highest grade out of the applicants with a score of 94.125 out of 100, and given a grant of $500,000. The Black Bottom House of Prayer came in 22nd place with a score of 93.714 and was awarded $500,000 as well. The restoration of the Maxey-Crooms House came in 37th place and was awarded $1 million.

We told you HERE in December 2021 about Well’s Built’s plan to renovate and expand its footprint. Plans include renovations for the Wells’Built Museum and the adjacent Maxey-Crooms House, which were built in the 1920s. The Heritage House will be converted into a gift shop with a built-in cafe and plans also include the construction of a new building where the former South Street Casino used to be located by the museum, that will house a new theater, exhibits, and conference rooms.

The Historic Black Bottom House of Prayer, with its iconic blue and purple exterior and golden gates, suffered a roof collapse in December 2019 and has been hosting services in its courtyard ever since. Repairs have been estimated to be more than $1 million and the pastor, Dana Jackson, has been trying to raise the needed funds ever since.

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  1. All three are great choices! So nice to see historic homes in Orlando restored and preserved instead of tearing them down for new high rise apartments and sports venues…