There have been some big changes over at HÄOS on Church (Facebook Website) which is now under new management.

Blue Star, the founder of BlueLaLa Entertainment and the beloved-yet-shuttered art space The Venue, partnered with David Webley of Kres Chophouse (Website) in 2020 to open a new downtown concept, HÄOS on Church, at 123 W. Church Street [GMap]. While the HÄOS  concept was that of Blue and her entertainment company, the business in fact belonged to the property owner, Gustavo Fonseca, who had previously attempted to operate the Orlando City Soccer-inspired Lion’s Pride concept there back in 2017.

HÄOS quickly made a name for itself for hosting out-of-the-box theatrical productions, musicals, and top-notch burlesque shows alongside tasty eats and cocktails but despite the popularity, Webley pulled out of the concept roughly six months ago, allegedly citing differences of opinions and a desire to return his focus on Kres during the pandemic – we reached out to Webley for a statement but had not heard back at the time of this post.

Enter 2021, when Bags, Inc. founder and local developer Craig Mateer purchased the property from Fonseca for an estimated $5.5 million.

Mateer told Bungalower that despite Fonseca’s best efforts, he just couldn’t make the financial side of the concept work, so when the opportunity came, he sold the business, as well as the building, and after a few months, Mateer felt that he needed to step in to help with the management of the space. Mateer has since fired all management earlier this week, including Blue Star. Mateer shared that he has no plans to change the concept and has retained the current chef during the transition.

“I don’t know where the whole sports bar rumor came from,” alluding to whispers that he had plans to lean into sports versus the arts programming that made the space so popular,”… but, HÄOS will remain the same. We’re not as talented as Blue, but we’re keeping the same weekly events that are already programmed, and will continue to feature live entertainment.”

Programming is set to return as early as tonight, Wednesday, March 16th, with live music by Phillip Bonanno at 5 p.m.

Mateer also recently purchased the building next door that houses the former Ceviche Bar space and the historic train station, just across the street, and he has shared multiple times his intent to purchase more Church Street properties in the near future, though he said we’d have to wait to hear more about those projects.

Blue Star recently shared the following statement on her personal and business social media accounts. You can (and should) follow her for more information on what she and her fabulous team do next.

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  1. You know, this concept was fresh, new and exciting. To know that you fired Blue, it certainly isn’t a place that I want to frequent anymore. Hopefully you can be the same Haos on Church, but I find that to be near impossible without her. What another sad day for the community. Blue, where are you off to next?

  2. This is a travesty. No, you are not as talented as Blue. No one in this city is. Why you would strip away the heart of HAOS? I personally will not be back as I am sure many I the community will not.

  3. I am sad for sweet Blue and her talented, merry band of performers. The first time my husband and I ventured out amid the pandemic was to celebrate my birthday, over one year ago. I chose to go to HAOS on Church St. I adore Blue and her work and wished to support her efforts in this new venture and as a vegan, was hankering to taste some of the yummy plant based items on the menu. The servers were all masked. Other guests were seated a safe distance away and the food was divine. I saw no vegan desserts and just when I was going to suggest that my husband and I leave; out came 4 servers; replete with a chocolate lava cake, rice cream, a candle and a chorus of Happy Birthday !!! They had procured this vegan delight from Kres; especially for me. It was a grand experience and one that I shall always treasure. Blue, you take your sweet self where ever the wind carries you. I know you will land sure footed, on those two, lovely feet of yours. Please be assured that I, along with oodles of your friends will be where ever you settle, to support you in your next, amazing endeavor. xoxo, Meems