The Orange County Commission voted four to three in favor of placing the Transportation Sales Tax Referendum on this fall’s election ballot.

Thanks to the combined votes of Mayor Demings and Commissioners Christine Moore, Mayra Uribe, and Maribel Gomez Cordero, Orange County voters will be able to decide on November 8, 2022, if they want to pass a one-cent sales tax increase that would dedicate funding to transportation needs.

The initiative actually began in 2019 but was paused by the COVID-19 pandemic prior to a public vote – though polling at the time indicated that it wasn’t likely to pass.

Residents have been taking part in a public survey on transportation needs for the county and you can see the results of the survey HERE.

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  1. 52,000 new taxpayers YEARLY

    Instead of saying how much the new 1¢ will bring in, tell us how much the new residents to the county will increase existing 6.5 % tax revenue!! *Vote NO on 1¢*

    Electric utilities connection fee jumped from $12 to $30 (excluding TAXES) for Solar users & any users under $30 per billing!! *Vote NO on 1¢*

    Residential Water is under a COMPOUND INTEREST scheme that every year the basic connection fees increases on top of prior increases!! *Vote NO on 1¢*

    Finally your own survey shows 90% taking the survey never (or only occasionally) use the LYNX or SUNRAIL !!
    *Vote NO on 1¢*

  2. I will be voting no on this tax increase. Inflation is hurting my family and it is long past time for government to live within their means like the citizens do. Should this tax increase go forward, then the budget I will have to spend to support our local small businesses will go down. Food prices, health care costs, gasoline, rent are all spiraling. Don’t double down on our misery by increasing taxes on all of us.

  3. I did the survey, but now I just heard on my local news (at the time writing this comment) that instead of 100% going to transportation, they broken it down. Now only 45% goes for transportation purposes.:(

    Not at all happy with that decision!

    And since its not going to be 100% for the transportation systems, and we have the worst public transportation and very unsafe roads for pedestrians in Florida, (Orland where I live public transportation is deplorable! And forget walking anywhere, especially if you are disabled like I am!)

    So absolutely not, I WILL BE VOTING A DEFINITE ***NO*** for this .01¢ increase if its put on the ballot for November.

    Dick and tired of getting a spiel it will ALL (100%) go for transportation areas, then it gets broken up into other things that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with upgrading our transportation system and corridors.

    So, I’m voting **NO** if this shows up on the ballot in November 2022.

    Tired of city government telling us one thing and do another.

    So I’m recommending the voters vote NO on this .01¢ tax, as like every other tax, it never fully (100%) goes where the initial promise was put out for it.