Hey, do you know anything about this bike path that suddenly appeared in Audubon Park?”


Anyone who drove along Corrine Drive on the morning of Wednesday, May 4th, may have noticed a new addition to the streetscape that hadn’t been there before – a protected bike lane.

A consortium of bicycle groups, allegedly with the blessing of the City of Orlando, joined forces to create a temporary bike lane on the northside of Corrine Drive between Old Winter Park Road and Leu Gardens using the existing on-street parking lane. The one-day May the Fourth B(ike) With You event route was created by the combined efforts of the Orlando Bike Coalition, Safe Routes to School, Audubon Park School, and MetroPlan Orlando as part of the ongoing Corrine Drive Study.

MetroPlan is working with/for the City of Orlando to update the Corrine Drive corridor into something that is safer and more accommodating for pedestrians and cyclists in the near-ish future.

To celebrate the temporary bike lane, the organizations hosted a “bike train” for local children making their way from Leu Gardens to the Audubon Park K-8 School. While the pop-up lane was planned to be a one-day event, the paint on the pavement is likely to remain until a future repaving project is carried out.

You can read more about the Corrine Drive Study and the plans to add a permanent pedestrian path by clicking HERE.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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