SunRail has just announced a new service in partnership with Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens that launched on Friday, June 3, that will make it easier to ditch their cars and visit the popular Seminole County destination.

The new temporary “Choo-Choo to the Zoo” service is a free shuttle that will transport people from the nearby SunRail station to the front gate of the zoo in under 15 minutes. Return shuttle times are synced with scheduled SunRail departures from the Sanford station and posted for easy reference at the zoo drop-off areas.

“Over the last two years, we’ve experienced a surge in leisure ridership on SunRail,” said Florida Department of Transportation District Five Secretary John E. Tyler.  “A partnership like Choo- Choo to the Zoo and others we have developed with sports, music and cultural venues provide affordable, reliable transportation to so many unique events and destinations up and down the SunRail line.”

Choo-Choo to the Zoo will run through July 29, 2022, but may be extended an additional week based on demand. Zoo attendees can also get 20% off admission to the zoo by showing their SunRail ticket.

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  1. You know would be even better, if the Zoo’s train had its tracks extended to the actual former CSX track railyard and you got to ride the Zoos miniature FEC train to the Zoo.

    Then that would be awesome, since the Zoo is actually directly behind this former CSX switching yard. So not sure if that’s something that could be done or not.

    Hope SunRail actually consider this option going to the Zoo all year long, instead of just a few months and then stop doing it altogether.

    My wife and I also like to visit the CF Zoo in the Fall/Winter months too!

    But if SunRail us going to offer this service, it needs to run on the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday!

    Now if they’d just find some way to get some tracks East and West close enough to my location {Orlando/Union Park} we wouldn’t need to catch a bus to get to the Downtown SunRail Station. Still hoping that will happen sooner than later. Would sure be convenient!