“If I had the ability to say that downtown would be a gun-free zone, I would do that tomorrow, but I simply don’t have that ability. We’ll do everything that we can to try to keep guns out of downtown.”


Following another night of violence in the Central Business District, Orlando Mayor Dyer has just shared that the City of Orlando will be rolling out “controlled entry” checkpoints starting as early as this Friday.

The news comes after a shooting this past Sunday near Wall Street in the wee hours of the morning sent seven people to the hospital. The mayor hosted a press conference on Monday, August 1, sharing that his office would be launching six checkpoints at key access points to enter the Central Business District on the busiest nights of the week, Fridays and Saturdays.

The access points, located between Pine Street and Washington Street along Orange Avenue, will be staffed by officers and police dogs trained to detect weapons as well as metal detectors. Police officers will be seizing firearms from anyone found to be holding them illegally, but would let individuals with concealed carry permits continue on their way.

Faced with a recent spike in crime in the downtown core since the beginning of the pandemic, a group of local bar owners has shared with Bungalower, with the proviso that they remain nameless until further along in their plans, that they have started discussing the feasibility of hiring their own private police/security force to patrol their block to keep their guests and staff safe.

You can read more about the City’s recent struggle with its downtown HERE in a former post.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. You people are idiots that think you don’t need a gun. How many responsible gun owners do bad things? It’s the bad people with guns that do bad things, you idiots. People carry guns to protect themselves and others from bad people in this world. This world is not rainbows and ponies, and only good vibes and all that happy crap. Get real people,this world is full of evil monsters. With a lot of good innocent people that deserve to be protected. And cops are NOT always around.

  2. There is a “demographic” that is responsible for this. Clubs cater to these types of patrons and this is what we get. Lets stop pretending …

  3. I suck’s seeing the all the violence taking over the cities in Milwaukee we are 3rd in the nation for murders we need to get our citizens back in control not the criminals

  4. @T. Moore. I completely agree with you, but some folks seem to think they need their gun everywhere they go, no matter what that destination is.

    That was the only reason for my comment I posted earlier on this topic/subject.

    I don’t own any guns, nor do I want them in my home and neither do I want to own any. And I grew up with hand guns, rifles and shotguns, but for me, no, don’t want any part of them.

    P.S. Have no idea why these comments have a “Reply” option, but when clicked on, they never work. And I have to post a another “new” comment as a reply. Just don’t get that at all.

  5. I have a conceal carry permit and the class teaches you that you are not supposed to bring a gun to a bar. You are also not allowed to bring a gun to a place where people are congregating and drinking. Requiring business to check guns at the door invites people to bring their guns downtown. You shouldn’t be bringing it downtown at all because it is an area where people congregate and drink. If you feel you need a gun for protection to come downtown then you are not in the correct state of mind to be downtown. Please stay home.

  6. Really folks? You really want to control guns in downtown Orlando? Or ANY BUSINESS throughout Florida, then it’s high time that businesses, NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT do their own policing and policies.

    I think ANY BUSINESS that is open to the Public should do what many old west towns used to do, CHECK YOUR GUN{S} AT THE DOOR. With today’s technology, should be a little easier to do.

    Each business that DOES NOT WANT GUNS inside would have a person that puts a tag using a zip tie through the trigger area or just behind the gun sight on the barrel and keep it under lock and key until the other is ready to leave, then have a person at the exit cut the zip tie off and hand the gun back to the other.

    Not claiming this is 100% foolproof, but it would be better than just limiting or having specific checkpoints that someone may or would still find their way around them.

    Nothing is going to work 100% of the time, and we all know it too.

    However, the above could, in my opinion, cut down on much of the gun violence we keep having all over the USA. And this would leave our LEO’s free to take care of other issues and not tie them up with one specific task.

    Just a suggestion folks, but this way no ones gun, or guns, need to be confiscated.