Tactical Brewing (Instagram | Website) will celebrate its 4-year anniversary with a massive street party on Sunday, November 13, and Bungalower Media is hosting it with our friends from your local Ford dealers and Connect Ford.

The event will take place from 3-8 p.m. in front of Tactical Brewing Co. at 4882 New Broad Street [GMap] in the heart of Baldwin Park and will feature new beer releases, new merch, games, and live music from the talented Layla Brisbois (Instagram) on a stage that will be fully-powered by a Ford Lightning truck. As well as live armored combat.

So back to that “live armored combat” bit. With the help of Connect Ford, Bungalower has hired the Florida Fire Drakes (Facebook Instagram) to host a series of live battles and melees in the middle of New Broad Street. A massive “list,” or Battledome (that’s what we’re calling it), will be erected on the road where a series of fights full-contact, gladiatorial-like combat, will take place, featuring the fighters from the local Fire Drakes chapter, alongside some of the best fighters from across the country.

These aren’t Ren Faire actors or LARPers, these are trained MMA athletes that compete in points-based matches to be the last one standing. They wear expensive, hand-crafted metal armor and the weapons range from maces and small axes to longswords and battleaxes – all blunted. And they don’t hold back. Watch our editor get punched in the face by a fighter HERE.

The day’s fights will include a range of battles ranging from one-on-one bouts to, three-versus-three melees, David versus Goliath, and even a cast-iron pan versus armor battle which is exactly what it sounds like.

Some of the best food vendors in town will also be in attendance, including Black Magic Pizza, Cholo Dogs, Chillin’ Tacos Ice Cream Taqueria, Yao’s Modern Kitchen, Bienfuegos BBQ, and Red Panda Noodle Bar.

The event is free to attend and powered by your local Ford Dealers and Connect Ford. Bungalower Buddy Keyholders can unlock a discount at the brewery and get access to our special VIP “splash zone” close to the action.

Stay tuned to our socials and this website for more information and save the date.

Want to come on as a hotel room sponsor for the out-of-town fighters? Send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll sign you up!

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