In a tip of the hat to the infamous Dark Side of the Rainbow/The Wizard of Floyd mindfuck mashup of the 1973 Pink Floyd album “The Dark Side of the Moon” with The Wizard of Oz, Enzian will be screening a riff you can’t unsee of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, where two versions of the film are played simultaneously, overlayed on top of each other.

The Shining – Forwards and Backwards features an edited version of the American DVD version of Kubrick’s Final Cut of the film, where all of the leaders and credits are removed, and then the film was copied, reversed, and superimposed overtop the original, forwards version, albeit with the opacity of each slightly adjusted to create mind-tripping ghost images that mysteriously line up somehow. Because of black magic.

The result is a 142-minute hallucinatory love letter to the film, that will most certainly have you tripping balls and wondering if Satan is real and if your soul is somehow forfeit for watching it.

The screening will take place at 11:30 p.m. December 9th at Enzian Theater and tickets are available HERE for $11.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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