EDIT: The study cited in this post was originally shared by Radical Storage, which analyzed [redacted] data, that they did not approve. [Redacted] has requested the removal of their name from the story.

We understand Bungalower has referenced an independent report by luggage storage firm, Radical Storage, that has performed its own, flawed analysis using Tripadvisor’s online reviews. Please note, Tripadvisor has not approved the use of these reviews in such a report and as such, our data has been significantly misappropriated.  

Tripadvisor has not released any study or data indicating the world’s most ‘overrated’ or ‘underrated’ cities and we have been incorrectly identified as the source of this report. As the world’s largest travel guidance platform, Tripadvisor views content moderation with the utmost importance, and as such, reviews by our community must be showcased accurately and are not subject to interpretation.

 As this story inaccurately sites Tripadvisor as the source of the report, we kindly request any reference to Tripadvisor and its review content be removed from the article immediately.


According to data originating from online travel website, [redacted], Orlando is the most “overrated city” in the world.

The rating was based on an analysis of 9,000 [redacted] reviews according to a report by The Daily Mail. According to Radical Storage, one in five reviews about trips to Orlando included phrases that translated to being “underwhelmed.” That’s almost 20 percent.

Following close behind Orlando was Jakarta with 13.49 percent and Pattaya, Thailand with 10.5 percent unfavorable reviews.

The study also shared the most underrated cities in the world, the most underrated being Budapest, Hungary, with 96.17 percent of the reviews being positive and “pleasantly surprised.”

The findings were part of the “Paris Syndrome Report,” based on a real-world psychological condition experienced by first-time visitors to the French capital whose extremely high expectations are dashed on its poodle-poop-strewn cobblestone streets when they arrive.

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