Two men who were driving on West Colonial Drive late in the afternoon on December 9, 2022, have reported seeing a “sphere-shaped object” in the sky.

According to a report on the National UFO Reporting Center, the two observed a “shiny chrome-looking object in a clear blue sky,” for an estimated four-to-five-minute window of time.

“My friend and I were driving on W. Colonial Dr. It was 12/9/22 and there was not a single [cloud] anywhere in the sky. He spotted a spherical object in the air very far away. To my surprise he blurted out: “ I think I see a UFO!!” when I looked up, I happened to see two airplanes going by, and I said to him those are airplanes, not UFOs. He directs me to a higher spot in the sky, around the 10 o’clock position, and I was finally able to spot the spherical shiny object. Almost 2 seconds later, it completely disappeared; However, it reappeared in a different area within a few seconds (around the 12 o’clock position). We were both almost narrating what was going [on] as it was happening in unison, because we couldn’t believe what we were looking at.

Within around four seconds, of its reappearance, it split into two separate entities. The best way I can describe what happens next, it was as if someone were slurping noodles from a bowl. These objects completely disappeared, going faster than anything we have ever seen before. There was no activity after that for about 2 to 3 minutes, then it reappeared closer to us, around the 3 o’clock position. Once it reappeared, we could see that it was kind of on its side, and it looked like a saucer. It then proceeded to totally disappear again, just to show up around the 4 o’clock position. It repeated this same movement about 4 times in a quick sequence. It then disappeared, never to be seen again, by us. This object did not have any smoke emanating from anywhere. It was truly unbelievable.”


No photos were submitted in the report.

The National UFO Reporting Center is a non-profit based in Washington State that publishes its data publicly on its website. It was founded in 1974 by UFO investigator, Robert J. Gribble.

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  1. Wow, this is fascinating! It’s always intriguing to hear about UFO sightings, especially when they happen in unexpected places like Colonial Drive in Orlando. I wonder if any other witnesses can share their experiences or if there’s any additional evidence that could shed light on this mysterious event. The possibility of extraterrestrial visitation always sparks our imagination. What are your thoughts on this, everyone?

  2. I believe you! I have seen something EXTREMELY similar from my home in Orlando off of EAST Colonial, and also witnessed the SAME phenomenon over the beach in Sarasota County.

  3. Yes! I was the one that spotted it then told my friend that was driving with me which was a female not another man.