“Transgenderism is reaching younger and younger children, now under the veil of sports urgency. It does irreversible damage to young bodies before their own minds can make adult decisions about that choice. NOBODY should take that right away from a developing child. There ARE dark hearted, profiteering “medical” corporations using mind control “affirmation” techniques, to profit from 300K alterations of perfectly healthy children. That to me is the epitome of evil and Anheuser-Busch Corporation is clearly in partnership with it. I will not align with that in any way.”


Last week we shared a report from east coast-based blog The Space Coast Rocket that the owner of Grills Seafood had decided to discontinue selling Bud Light in a reaction to a recent marketing campaign they ran with transgender TikToker, Dylan Mulvaney.

The Independent media outlet, The Space Coast Rocket, shared on Saturday, April 15, that a number of patrons at the Cape Canaveral location posted on social media that they were told that the restaurant would no longer be serving Bud Light. One diner shared that the announcement was made in the middle of their meal after already being served a Bud Light when they first made their order.

The Rocket also shared a quote from a diner who says they overheard a manager tell bar staff, that they don’t “… serve faggot beer.” Though we couldn’t confirm that quote with Grills Seafood.

The owner of Grills, Joe Penovich, shared a statement later that day, citing his Christian faith as the reason behind dumping Bud Light, saying that a full letter to the beer company would be shared over the weekend.

That letter has since been posted and you can read it below.

Grills Seafood has one location in Orlando at 4301 N. Orange Blossom Trail [GMap] on Lake Fairview.

According to a report from the New York Post, the senior marketing executive behind the Dylan Mulvaney ad campaign has taken a leave of absence. It’s unclear if the leave is permanent or temporary.

Side Note: A photograph of a billboard ad attributed to Bud Light laughing at the backlash to the Dylan Mulvaney campaign has since been debunked.


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. To each his own. Super polarizing issue and I respect his right to stand up for minor children being operated on before they can even consent, before the brains are fully formed which is at about age 25.

    We should have a serious national conversation about this.

    In the end though, it’s the customers who’ll decide. As it should be.

  2. His Christian values? Yet serves alcohol, beer and wine. Apparently missed the words in the Christian Bible where it says we all are God’s children. Pick and choose what fits you from the Bible.

  3. Hey if statues offends some nuts and rice bag/box names, syrup bottle names and don’t forget school names then why not beer cans….RIGHT

  4. Aaahhhh!!! Just stop! They didn’t even sell these cans! It was a special item just for her and her Instagram!, which BTW has over TEN MILLION followers. Bud light ain’t stupid and you bozos can’t buy buttloads of beer to shoot and call it a boycott! In the end, it’s just free ad time now.
    Gawd, I long for the day tucker cried over m&ms not being “sexy”anymore (ew, ceepy).

  5. All this garbage has gotten out of hand. Conservative kooks (/snowflakes) aren’t going to be happy until they have their own version of EVERYTHING. They don’t want to eat the same food, drink the same beer, use the same razors, eat the same chocolate, watch the same TV shows, wear the same clothes – as liberals / lefties (whichever term you prefer). I never could have anticipated, in my 40 years of life, that the entire nation would have made such a mountain of a molehill like this. I’m just ready for it all to be over and people learn how to tolerate others and get along

  6. I’m not sure what I liked more about this “news article”. I’m torn between the GIF of a deranged dinosaur manically scribbling on a piece of paper to depict the author of the note below it (which I would love to hear from the author what, specifically, he finds so insane about the sentiment) or the “faggot” quote without any source or ability to confirm it, clearly meant to bring some balance to an otherwise great story of a restaurant owner standing up for children’s rights.

    I’ve never heard of your “news organization”, but based on the outdated website and sad reach to justify the unjustifiable, I think the author of this story is right where he belongs.

    Great work!

  7. HAHA Every major beer and liquor company has had a Pride campain. Are the owner of Grill’s going to also stop selling Corona, Jagermister, Jim Beam, Coors, Absolute or Skyy? All the people protesting Bud Light should also check what kind of phone they have, or cars they drive. Their beloved Ford Trucks, Microsoft, Apple, Master Card & Visa, Levi’s, Legos, XBox, McDonald’s, Burger King & Taco Bell. Do they know all the products that Procter & Gamble make? Better cancel all of these companies because they are all LGBTQ friendly! It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind, loving and accepting.

  8. Yeah to Elron, Dylan was never a Bud Light drinker. Just saying. AB tried to play the market and lost. Bad. They deserve this for ridiculing the gays as well… Of course they are so woke brainwashed they don’t understand what kind of insult Dylan was to gay people in the ‘bathtub’ advertisment. Their movement is nothing but sex and it is disgusting.

  9. It’s sad that the owner of Grills has gotten all this publicity simply by demonstrating that he has no idea what he is talking about.
    And then after bashing Anheuser-Busch for recognizing that one of their customers was trans, he goes on to tell the LGBTQ community that he has nothing against them. Sure.