On Thursday, May 4, the City of Orlando will install a protected pop-up bike lane and walking path along Corrine Drive in celebration of National Bike and Roll to School Day.

This will be the second time the City of Orlando has installed a pop-up lane along the busy road’s northside parking lane, the first being last year – though at the time, they didn’t send out a press release about it and people kept emailing us in a panic reminiscent of the Curry Ford Road Diet debacle.

The pop-up path is part of the City of Orlando’s Transportation Department’s new Quick-Build infrastructure program, which aims to implement high-impact safety projects quickly and in a more cost-effective way than traditional capital improvement projects. Quick-Build projects, such as crosswalks, bike lanes, and parklets, are all part of Orlando’s Vision Zero efforts to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries within the city by 2040.

The path will open officially at 8 a.m. that morning following a special ceremony where local residents, students, and parents will walk and ride along the new protected pathway with the mayor and Commissioner Sheehan. The lane will be restored for regular, boring parking uses at 2 p.m. that same day.

The pop-up path is again, temporary, but it does hint at the eventual long-term transformation of the corridor that we’ve been telling you about for years. The Complete Corrine Drive project will feature wider sidewalks, raised intersections, traffic speed reductions, and more mid-block signalized crossings like this one at East End Market. Construction is expected to begin along the corridor in 2026.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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