The CRA and Downtown Orlando are tabling a new program to assist downtown property owners in the removal and abatement of graffiti on private property.

“Graffiti is a malicious form of vandalism that destroys public and private property. It is not accepted in the City of Orlando and is taken seriously when it occurs.”


The new DTO Take Action Against Graffiti program, or “TAAG,” is being presented as part of a new multi-pronged approach to combatting graffiti in the downtown core, including a stronger prevention program, encouraging more reporting of occurrences, and the quick removal of graffiti once it is found.

Under the program, eligible property owners in the downtown CRA boundaries will be able to qualify to be reimbursed for up to 80% of the cost of graffiti from their buildings and property, along with special “mitigative measures that will abate occurrence of graffiti in the future, up to a maximum of $4,000 per year, per property.” Those mitigative measures could include planting new shrubs or thorny plants along walls and fences, adding graffiti-resistant coatings, adding better lighting, adding permitted murals, and more.

The program is scheduled to be discussed at the May 31 CRA Advisory Board meeting.

The City of Orlando already has a graffiti report option on its website, HERE.

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  1. OPD bike officers caught a man in the act of painting graffiti on my building. He was arrested and charged. I agreed to testify but the State dropped the charges. Very frustrating