We told you HERE that a juvenile black bear had made its way into downtown Orlando’s Lake Eola Park and was spotted in the wee hours of Sunday morning, loafing around in a live oak tree, 50 feet off the ground.

Fish and Wildlife officials were reticent to tranquilize it given how high up in the tree it was, so they left a trap at the base of the tree, stocked with donuts and food to lure it in in the evening when crowds had died down. With the idea that they could then remove the bear in the trap the next day and bring it someplace safe.

According to Commissioner Sheehan, District 4, a homeless person helped themselves to the bear snacks before the bear could be lured in, so when it came down from the tree it simply wandered off eastward from the park.

The bear has since been spotted back at Lake Eola Park adjacent to Osphere restaurant, and FWC has returned to the park to try to trap it again. City employees are also asking everyone nearby to please refrain from eating the bait in the bear trap.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer has also officially named it “Boo-Boo,” inspired by the cartoon companion of Yogi Bear.

Brendan O'Connor

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