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‘Alphonse Mucha: The Illustrator Who Changed the Advertising World’ Webinar

January 4 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Alphonse Mucha arrived in Paris in 1887, living in relative poverty as an obscure illustrator for many years. On Christmas Eve in 1894, the Lemercier printing firm was tasked with making a poster for the reopening of a play featuring one of the world’s most famous actresses, Sarah Bernhardt. Mucha happened to be one of the few illustrators available over the holidays, so it fell on him to design the poster by New Year’s Day. What resulted was a poster that captivated Paris — one that would launch his design career and help him become one of the most celebrated graphic designers of the Art Nouveau period. This is the story of Alphonse Mucha and how his posters changed the advertising world.

Join New York Adventure Club as we explore the Paris portion of Alphonse Mucha’s career, and the exhibition Alphonse Mucha: Art Nouveau / Nouvelle Femme formerly debuted at Poster House — through exhibitions, events, and publications, this museum presents a global view of posters from their earliest appearance in the late 1800s, to their present-day use.

Led by Poster House Chief Curator, Angelina Lippert, our digital showcase of Alphonse Mucha and his ground-breaking posters will include:

  • An overview of Poster House, the first museum in the United States dedicated exclusively to posters, which opened its doors in the Summer of 2019
  • The story behind Alphonse Mucha’s rise to fame and advertising career, which all started when he met the legendary Sarah Bernhardt, the most famous actress of the time
  • A discussion around Mucha’s artistic style, which used alluring, strong women to advertise everything from cookies to bicycles, and alcohol to rolling papers — all inspired by his professional relationship with Bernhardt
  • The profound impact of Mucha on the future of posters, and how his designs helped elevate women to be a part of a buddying 20th-century world with newfound independence and social agency

Afterward, We’ll have a Q&A with Angelina — any and all questions about the Mucha or general poster history are welcomed and encouraged!

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry, you’ll have access to the full replay for one week!

See you there, virtually!

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Alphonse Mucha: Art Nouveau / Nouvelle Femme

“I predict you will be famous” — Sarah Bernhardt

Alphonse Mucha, born in Moravia, came to Paris in 1887. Over the next 8 years, he emerged from obscurity to become the most celebrated graphic designer of the Art Nouveau movement. His intricate designs and gorgeous subjects were so popular that he produced pattern books for fellow designers and students, and his publishers repurposed his advertisements for hundreds of other products.

But his style and status all started when he met the legendary Sarah Bernhardt, the most famous actress of her day. Mucha’s first poster for her not only launched his graphic design career, but elevated her fame, as the public buzz for the image was completely unprecedented.

From that moment on, Mucha used alluring, strong women to advertise everything from cookies to bicycles, alcohol to rolling papers. These women were part of a budding 20th-Century world wherein they had newfound independence and social agency. Through them, Mucha changed the world of advertising and brought Art Nouveau to the streets.


“Information & pictures I had never seen before from my favorite artist. Also learned things about other artists and events similar or pertaining to the same topic” -Sara

“The talk was really informative and really interesting! The pace was really good, and saving the questions for the end really helped with that” -Candice

“Loved the very conversational approach the guide took – she was great and absolutely hilarious!” -Katherine

“The instructor was knowledgeable. She spoke clearly and presented extremely interesting information and had great slides.” -Dawn

“The presenter was knowledgeable, entertaining, and totally at ease in both delivering the information and answering questions. She didn’t miss a beat! I was thoroughly engaged right to the end. My first webinar with the Adventure Club and have already recommended it to my network.” -Karen

“Very informative presentation on a fascinating topic. The speaker was very knowledgeable, friendly, welcoming, responsive to Q&A in the chat, and provided many visuals. It ran long enough that it covered the topic in more depth… excellent angle on topic so relevant to interpreting today’s advertising.” -Janet

“She was a great presenter. Great enthusiasm, well organized, well presented, and just fun.” -Ginny

“The curator was extremely knowledgeable and her storyline comprehensive. Her presentation skills were great. Images were really well done. Loved the whole thing!” -Robin

“The presentation content was really good. I liked that I could attend virtually, with people from all over the US. The cost was perfect. I would definitely be interested in more events like this.” -Christina

“Angelina is an excellent speaker, and was quite informative.” -Judith

“The speaker is extremely knowledgeable and spoke in a way that kept one’s attention” -Joanna

“So informative, presenter was so eloquent and fun to listen to.” -Norbert

“The curator who gave the lecture was so informative & her presentation was spot on. Could have listened to her for hours!” -Elayne

“Curator was extremely knowledgeable, topic was wonderful, and I love that I have access to re-watch it for a week!” -Christine


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