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MultipleTap Tour featuring Hijokaidan + Many More at Will’s Pub

April 1, 2016 @ 8:00 pm

FRIDAY, APRIL 1ST @ Will’s Pub

MultipleTap is the Japanese scene, in the form of chaos and excess not seem in the other part of the world, made into the festivals. Only born in the small islands of Far East Asia, the “Japanese Scene”, show overwhelming power and chaos, will continue to disseminate to the world. Having toured UK, Mexico, Germany, China, Belgium, Denmark, France. Now they prepare for the US.


Hijokaidan (Japan)
Hatis Noito (Japan)
Ucnv (Japan)
Atsuhiro Ito (Japan)
Kou Katsuyoshi (Japan)
Yusuke Fuyama (Japan)
Makoto Oshio (Japan)

With additional performances by:
Jeff Carey (Baltimore, MD)

Plus local supporting acts:
Ad Nauseum

The Caution Children

Information on all of our Touring Acts:

Hijokaidan was formed by Jojo Hiroshige and Naoki Zushi in 1979 in Kyoto, and it is considered the first noise band in Japan and perhaps in the world. They have played full volume improvisational noise for more than 25 years, and have become well known in the world as “King of Noise”. Naoki Zushi left the band in 1980. However, in the same year the band got a new member, T-Mikawa. Around 1980 to 1982, Hijokaidan had various people playing in the band, and it got great attention by the media for their destructive performances. In the latter half of the 80’s, JUNKO and Fumio Kosakai became regular members. After these additions, Hijokaidan settled with 4 members who are Jojo, T-Mikawa, JUNKO and Kosakai, though they occasionally perform with guests. They played with Nao Shibata, the drummer in 2004. Their popular album “Zouroku No Kibyo” came out in 1982 and has been a longstanding hit. Hijokaidan have done many shows overseas, and have released their works on labels in England, the United States and Spain.


*Hatis Noit*

Female vocalist, born in Shiretoko (Hokkaido), Japan. She draws on her experience with ballet, theater arts, traditional folk music, koto, gagaku (the court music of ancient Japan) and acting in Japan. Vocalist for the band Mutyumu (Virgin Babylon Records hosted by world’s end girlfriend) who is highly rated both in Japan and overseas. In addition, her performance as Magdala at the Setouchi International Triennale 2013 is still fresh in memory. She has been engaged in solo carrier. She interprets own singing based on a classical music, ethnic music, whisper, and poetry reading. Thus she establishes solemn and formidable world music. Her performance – corroboration with art, apparel and theater arts – are highly regarded. In 2013, she took part in a YAGYA’s (Iceland)’s song as vocalist (released by DELSIN RECORDS, Amsterdam). her 1st solo album ìUniversal Quietî was released in 2014. Her newest Single “Illogical Lullaby” features a edit by Thrill Jockey records’ own Matmos.


*Jeff Carey*

Jeff Carey makes hardcore digital music with a joystick, a gamer keypad, and an array of strobe lights. Computer based synthesis, noise, and improvisation combined with a no-safety-net aspect of gestural control makes his music totally physical and visceral. Jeff Carey has performed on many tours including Europe and Japan with Matmos. In early 2016, he will perform on a tour with Torche(relapse records) and as part of MultipleTaps USA tour.


Develops programs to intentionally generate glitches, normally an unintended program error phenomenon caused by corrupted data during the playback of still or moving images, and present the results as visual expressions of glitches. The idea is to translate the unconscious operations of playback equipment into works of art by assuming what is supposed to be unpredictable. Glitches produced this way are incorporated into live performances and music clips. Is also active as a member of the Utah Kawasaki Band Aratame ucnv Band.


*Atsuhiro Ito*

Atsuhiro Ito was born in 1965. He launched his career as a visual artist in the late ’80s, and in ’98 began presenting sound performances at art exhibitions and so on. Ito made use of fluorescent lighting (which is also an element of his art installations) in the creation of an original musical device called the optron. He continues to refine the instrument while approaching sound and music from a contemporary-art-based perspective. In addition to his solo exhibition and performance projects, Ito is active in a number of musical units. One of these is Optrum, the explosively loud “extreme optical noise core band” consisting of Ito and drummer Yoichiro Shin. Between 2000 and 2005 Ito presented various sound (music)/visual image-related events at Off Site, the now-defunct gallery/free space in Yoyogi, Tokyo. The Optrum album Recorded was released in June 2006 on the label Unknownmix (Headz).


*Kou Katsuyoshi*

Kou Katsuyoshi is a Korean, who was born in Tokyo, 1983.
By having power equipment connected the analog mixer, can control the power supply. When starting the analog mixer with this equipment, and by extending the noise sound at the stop (on/off), one can make varies noise while playing. (Equipment manufacturer: Manabu Suzuki) Mainly use guitar as a sound source. Director of MultipleTap.


*Yosuke Fuyama*

Yousuke Fuyama was born in Nagano, Japan in 1983. He is an artist, composer, programmer, visual and graphic designer, and VJ. He has been studying musical research and sound art and completed Masterfs Degree in Media Science at Tokyo University of Technology Graduate School of Bionics, Computer and Media Sciences. His main focus on the expressions through data interconversion using various interfaces and programmes.
Fuyama won the first prize at LAPTOP BATTLES TOKYO Vol.4(2008) and has been performing live concerts at several occasions and venues including FUTURA2008(France), INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL FOR ARTS AND MEDIA YOKOHAMA 2009, DPG, soundfollies, SonarSound Tokyo2011,2012, EMAF Tokyo(RedBull Music Accademy)2013 SONICACTS 2013(Netherlands), Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2013(South-Korea),OnSite2013(Taiwan).
While VJ/DJing in club events, he is also a lecturer of Max/MSP/Jitter in Workshop for Creator at WOMB LOUNGE and RUBYROOM. He submitted his installation work to an Exhibition galienate/demonstrate/edith [email protected] New Zealand.
He released his sound works from Sludge-tapes(Japan), TTLRecordings(UK) in 2011-2013, and his visual works from Hz-records(Japan), PROGRESSIVE FOrM(Japan), Mozart Kind(UK) in 2011-2013. He also works as a sound designer / programmer , also as a researcher of Brain Machine Interface Department in National University of Electro-Communication.


*Makoto Oshiro*

Born in Okinawa, 1978. Makoto Oshiro graduated from the Musicology Department, Osaka University of Arts. For live performances, he uses instruments and implements for playing and composing, which he makes by combining electronic devices, junk, and everyday materials. He also creates installation works using sound, light, and movement.



April 1, 2016
8:00 pm
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Will’s Pub
1042 N. Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803 United States