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Online Learning 2: Designing for people, bikes and cars

July 30, 2020 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Interactive online learning event exploring long-term opportunities for designing for people, bikes and cars in Kent.

The design of places for people, bikes and cars has been viewed through the lens of the most prevalent crisis in recent years; the climate crisis. The current pandemic has fast-tracked thinking around active travel and presented the opportunity to experiment with long-term approaches to designing for walking and cycling. As we move towards a ‘new normal’ we explore conflicting approaches to the health agenda; will we enter a post-car era or return to the safe-haven of the germ-free car?

This programme will include:

• A live introductory webinar consisting of presentations and group discussions with expert speakers

• A package of learning resources including further reading and exercises which can be studied in as much or as little depth as required (available in advance of the webinars)

• A concluding live webinar with presentations, Q&A and discussion

Learners can expect to:

• Understand where we’ve come from – the guiding principles and policies which have underpinned the design of streets

• Understand where we’re going – the principles and policies which are driving change in approaches to designing for active travel

• Explore the long-term impact of Covid-19 on the future of car ownership and approaches to design for safe and sustainable travel for climate resilience and future health crises

• Discuss the opportunities and constraints of design in a Kent context

Dates and timings:

• 28 July – Programme resources available for flexible independent study in the Kent Design ‘Resource’ library

• 30 July – Introductory webinar @ 09:15-11:15

• 30 July – Follow-up online discussion @ 14:15-16:00

For full details visit the Kent Design website.