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We Party On: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Reunion

October 22, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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We Party On:
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Reunion
Original cast & creators of fan-favorite theme park show reunite to raise funds for Orlando-area performing artists.
PHOTOS (credit Jason Surrell): photos.app.goo.gl/TGaBkexY5b4NuCVd8
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Orlando, FL
So far, the year 2020 has been one big bogus journey, but Bill S. Preston, Esq., and Ted “Theodore” Logan are back on the big screen where they belong and are about to make a most triumphant return to Orlando to help Halloween Horror Nights fans celebrate their favorite holiday.
“We Party On: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Reunion” virtually reunites members of the ‘90s-era cast and crew of the beloved Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights show for the first time in over 20 years. The live streaming event is set to take place on Thursday, October 22nd from 8:00-10:30 p.m. (Eastern).
The show is being organized in partnership with Attractions Magazine (AttractionsMagazine.com) and co-hosted by Jason Surrell, an author, screenwriter, former Walt Disney Imagineer and former Senior Creative Director at Universal Creative, who started his career at Universal Orlando Resort, where he wrote and directed Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure for five years as part of the creative team that helped make Halloween Horror Nights the seasonal institution it is today.
The show will be moderated and co-hosted by Jay Becker, a fixture of the Orlando theater community for almost 30 years. (Excellent!) And, according to Jay, practically the only local actor NOT to have been cast in a Bill & Ted show. (Bogus.)
Guests currently scheduled to appear include the “Queen of Halloween,” the most triumphant Julie Zimmerman, creator of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure and co-creator of Halloween Horror Nights; Chris Leps, one of the show’s original “Bill”s and now a successful filmmaker and stunt double for such A-list stars as Johnny Depp; James Keaton, one of the show’s original “Ted”s and an icon of Orlando’s theme park community; Adrian LePeltier, the show’s original director; Paul Vroom, director from 1994-995; the show’s longtime stunt coordinator, industry legend John Zimmerman; along with many other members of the show’s cast and crew from 1992-1998.
Members of the cast and crew, many of them seeing each other for the first time in years, will be on hand to talk about the show’s creation and production and share never-before heard stories about this Halloween Horror Nights institution, including writing, directing, casting, performing, calling and crewing the show, stunts, pyro, music and more! The event will also pay tribute to friends who are gone but far from forgotten, including Tyler Cravens, Kevin Holden and Michael Shea.
“We Party On: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Reunion” will also serve as a fundraiser for GOPAR – Greater Orlando Performing Arts Relief (gopar.org) – an organization dedicated to helping members of the Central Florida creative community, many of whom helped bring the Bill and Ted show to life over the years, during these unprecedented times. GOPAR’s mission is to provide easy-access assistance in times of crisis to individuals in the Greater Orlando area who typically derive income from the performing arts and/or theme park entertainment sectors; to be sensitive to each individual’s unique circumstances; and to offer a holistic approach toward achieving long term solutions for financial, physical, and emotional well-being.
Reunion organizer Jason Surrell says: “All the nostalgic reunions we’ve seen this year have been personal bright spots for me. So with Bill and Ted back on the big screen and Halloween events getting scaled back or canceled altogether, I thought it was the perfect time to get the old Bill and Ted gang back together. At first it was going to be a private reunion just for ourselves, but then we thought it might be cool to get longtime HHN and Bill and Ted fans in on the fun. And then we decided to see if we could find a way to benefit the very kind of people who made these shows what they are, our local performing arts community.”
So get to travel back in time to share some memories, laughs and love with some of the most talented members of Orlando’s creative community, who took Halloween Horror Nights guests on a decade of most excellent adventures. Party on, dudes!
WHAT: “We Party On: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Reunion,” a live-streaming virtual reunion of original Cast & Crew members from the fan-favorite Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights show (circa 1992-1998) to benefit Greater Orlando Performing Arts Relief
WHEN: Thursday, October 22, 8-10:30PM Eastern (Video will be available for replay indefinitely after the live event).
WHERE: Attractions Magazine YouTube channel youtube.com/attractionsmagazine
Direct Link to event: youtu.be/olUHdsUALCc
COST: Free. No registration required. Donations can be made to GOPAR via St. Luke’s Orlando at tinyurl.com/GiveGOPAR (Please enter “Bill&Ted” in the Notes)
WHO: Presented by Attractions Magazine as a fundraiser for GOPAR gopar.org
Guests currently scheduled to appear (subject to change)”
Jason Surrell: Co-host, Writer/Director
Jay T. Becker: Co-host & Moderator
Julie Zimmerman: Co-creator of HHN and the Creator of the Bill & Ted show
Dame Adrian LePeltier: Director
Paul Vroom: Director
Chris Leps: OG “Bill S. Preston/Robin”
James Keaton: OG “Ted Logan”
John Gallagher: OG “Bill”
Joey Wolf: “Bill”
Brian Skala: “Ted”
Dean Shull: “Ted”
Dan Johnson: “Captain James T. Kirk/Sgt. T.J. Hooker”
Mike Mergenthaler: “The Deacon/Captain Jean-Luc Picard”
Scott Serridge: “The Terminator”
Diana Chops Dale: “Catwoman/The Borg Queen”
John Bearse: Stage Manager
Jeff Brozovich: “Mr. Freeze”
Jason Gray: “The Crow/Agent K”
Brenda Shea: “Ellen Ripley/Laurie Strode”
Aaron Bernard: “Cosmo Kramer/Bobby DeNiro”
Gina Levy: “Elaine Marie Benes/Old Rose”
Randy Vaughn: “Jack Dawson”
Alicia Skala: “Catwoman/Poison Ivy”
Dara Fischetti: “Poison Ivy/Emma Peel”
Holland Hayes: “President William Jefferson Clinton”
Eric Miles: “Vincent Vega”
Shannon McClung: “Ghostface”
Cheryl Bott: Stage Manager
Will Hawn: Stage Manager
Scotty Sheplee: Audio Tech and “The Voice of Bill & Ted”
John Zimmerman: Stunt Coordinator
Michelle Szalay Clermont: Tech
Jim Sleeth: Props & Tech
Kelly Malik: “Cindy Brady”
Christian Kelty: “John McClane”
Rhonda Gray: “Batgirl”
Chris Tortora: “Batman”
Tom Loureiro: “Martin Riggs”
Ed MacFarlane: “Martin Riggs”
For additional updates visit tinyurl.com/WePartyOn


October 22, 2020
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
By donation
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