Orlando’s homegrown Juice Bike Share could be getting its first real competition soon, in the form of Chinese bike share company, ofo.

Ofo (Website) was founded in 2014 and is arguably one of, if not the, first dockless bike sharing platform in the world. Ofo allows users to simply find a nearby bicycle using an app, reserve it, and then lock it up without the use of a docking station. That means there is really no infrastructure cost associated with this model.

Since it launched four years ago, ofo has grown to have a network of over 200 million registered users, who it charges only $1 an hour to rent a bike. Compared to $8 an hour for Juice (less if you’re a member), which also charges you an extra fee if you lock their bikes up outside of their bike hubs.

The bikes are light, have three gears, and built-in lighting. Also, the tires are solid rubber which means they don’t deflate.

Ofo is currently hiring for three new positions according to Glassdoor.com; Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, and General Manager. Click HERE for that information.

Vice sees the dockless model as a sign of the end times for the bike share movement though, citing a spike in improperly parked bikes flooding City streets, and trees, and rivers. Click HERE to read that story for yourself.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com